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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Glow on! Winterizing Your Skincare Routine to Maintain Healthy, Glowing Skin

Colder temperatures, windy conditions and dry indoor heating can wreck havoc on your complexion, causing redness, dry patches, and a generally dull appearance.  The first arctic blast of the winter season has hit and the reality of “winter skin” can’t be denied any longer.  It’s time to adjust your skincare routine to treat and protect your skin now, preventing problems throughout the winter.  Skin that is well hydrated maintains its glow, is more even-toned, and holds on to makeup much better than dry skin. These skincare treats will hydrate and protect so harsh winter elements won't take a toll on your complexion.

Cleanse:  switch to products that don’t strip the skin and have gentle formulas to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier:

Masks:  Nothing could be easier or more luxurious than simply sleeping in a treatment mask, waking to a super-hydrated, glowing complexion.  Extra benefit - it feels so nice to pamper your face with these rich cream masks:

Serums:  Serums are essential in delivering concentrated ingredients to the skin for optimum benefits.  Combat dryness with these serums applied under your moisturizer day and night:

Moisturize:  Adding a rich, hydrating creamy barrier to your skin gives the complexion a boost of glow and resilience, preventing redness, or dry skin issues:

Lip care:  Lipsticks can be drying especially in winter, and wind and indoor heating can leave our lips parched. Lips are delicate and tend to dry out more quickly in winter months, so using masks, balms, and lip treatments are the key to maintaining a color-ready pout:

Glow:  Adding glow-renewing products to your winter beauty routine will add an extra dose of protection to plump your skin.  Use gels and oils that are specifically formulated for treating dryness:

                                                             Click to enlarge images to see product details
                                                  All photos by Tom Schirmacher for Harper's Bazaar Turkey

                                                                   All products available at Sephora.com

No need to say give up your summer complexion because it is winter.  Treat your skin to these luxurious products and kiss winter skin problems goodbye.

                                                                 XOXO  Shelley

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Friday, November 10, 2017


I want to write to all my readers who are models and model-hopefuls regarding the wave of women, and men, bravely coming forward and speaking out against those who abuse their power in the modeling industry. WE HEAR YOU! 

The news headlines are filled with sexual abuse allegations aimed at Hollywood powerhouses, politicians, and people in a position of power in sports, as a wave of courage sweeps across nearly every industry, exposing the abuses by those who for so long who have leveraged their power for their own sexual gratification, victimizing vulnerable young people, and rendering them silent out of fear that they will lose their dream careers if they protest.  And the modeling industry is no different. 

Model Cameron Russell has given a platform on Instagram where people could tell their own stories and relay incidences they have witnessed, models often speaking out for the first time of the sexual harassment and assault they have endured.  The response has been astounding as so many models including those at the top have come forward and publicly shared the abuse and humiliation they have suffered, using the hashtag #myjobshouldnotincludeabuse. 

Not one single model should ever be forced to be in an uncomfortable, threatening, or dangerous situation on a casting, go-see, or job – ever.  No model should feel they need to expose themselves, be touched inappropriately, be sent to an unsafe location, coerced into activities outside of actual modeling, or be made to feel that they do not have a right to speak up if such a situation arises. 

Cameron Russell has made a call to action to all industry leaders from agents, to casting directors or magazine editors to designers to brands, to stop using photographers who are known sexual predators against models.  Agents need to make it safe for models to tell them when they experience harassment and abuse, but more that that, they must be held morally accountable for sending models into the paths of these known perpetrators in the first place.

Please, if you are model or model-hopeful, know that now is the time to speak up if you have been victimized.  There is support for you and you will be heard. There are organizations who can advise you on how to get legal help, and support you in beginning the healing process for yourself.  By speaking up you will be helping to end this predatory culture, making a difference in the industry for every model in the future.  Your career depends more on taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally, than anything else.  It is a lie that the only way to succeed is to play along with the situation, and that all the big models before you had the same experience and only succeeded because they played the game.

Some of my model friends who had lengthy international careers have told me stories that are shocking, disheartening, and frightening.  It is the dirty secret of the modeling industry that to anyone actually in the industry is no secret at all, just not discussed.  But those days are over.  Hear me: OVER.

There are resources to help you report incidences to the authorities, find legal and medical assistance, mediation, and support.  You owe it to yourself to seek help and it can be as private as you need it to be.  Not seeking help victimizes you a second time.  You deserve better.  If your agent is not supportive there are organizations that will advise you, but consider the relationship you have with an agent that would not defend you or come to your aid. 

It is time to end the rampant abuse in the modeling industry.  It needs to come from the models standing up for themselves, the agents reporting these crimes and supporting their models, and for the editors, designers, clients and publishers to finally stop hiding the criminals who have had free reign in the industry for far too long. 

I SUPPORT YOU! The industry players are legally bound to create a safe workplace for models. SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD!



Through MODEL ALLIANCE SUPPORT, we assist models with complaints about inappropriate on-the-job conduct, agent issues, or work related problems.
Sexual harassment, abuse, and assault are no part of the “creative process.” They’re against the law. No model has to tolerate any sort of unwanted or inappropriate conduct. No model has to feel pressured to undress.
Opaque accounting, unresponsive representation, one-sided agreements and payment delays are questionable practices at best, and often unacceptable.

We can help.

Safely and privately report, or request assistance with, work related problems, instances of harassment, abuse, or any such sort of unwanted or inappropriate conduct to MODEL ALLIANCE SUPPORT.
Contact us at support@modelalliance.org to report or request assistance. Although we cannot provide legal advice, if your issues require the assistance of an attorney, they will advise you accordingly and can assist you in finding one. For access to our Model Alliance Support service, be sure to sign up here.

Cameron Russell   @cameronrussell   #myjobshouldnotincudeabuse

The National Sexual Abuse Hotline:      https://www.rainn.org/

                                                          XOXO  Shelley

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

GIFTED: The Top Holiday Beauty Gift Sets for 2017

The holiday season is one of the most exciting times of the year for anyone beauty-obsessed, myself included.  Brands put together the most enticing sets, palettes, duos and trios of special edition products, as well as tried and true favorites. While the general holiday shopping idea is to find gifts for friends and family, the urge to splurge on myself at the beauty counter is too much to resist.  

Here are some of my top favorite gift sets from Sephora for this holiday season, from products to get a glowing complexion, to luxurious palettes with shades to create countless beauty looks, to the newest in hair technology to achieve my dream hair.  So while I will definitely be spoiling my nearest and dearest, I won’t forget a little beauty treat for myself.  Get shopping, beauties!

Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda “Don’t Let Today be A Waste Of Make-up”

This adorable zip-around agenda features 24 shadows, a luminizer, bronzer, blush, lipstick and mascara, all in limited-edition colors, a paper agenda with 12 monthly tutorials to create new looks, a beauty tips guide, stickers, and a mirror. 

Tarte Limited-Edition Treasure Box Collector’s Set

This gorgeous treasure box contains all new universal, richly pigmented shades that blend beautifully.  The set features 24 shadows, 2 Amazonian Clay blushes, 2 bronzers, on highlighter, one eyeliner, one mascara, and one lip paint.

Glam Glow “Let It Glow! SUPERMUD" Set

Whatever your skin concerns are, whether it is an oily complexion, large pores, winter-weary lackluster skin, or acne and blemishes, these treatments have you covered.  You will find Supermud Clearing Treatment for all general skin concerns, Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment to smooth and brighten, Gravitymud Firming Treatment to lift and firm, and Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment to restore, replenish, and moisturize. 

Bite Beauty “The Perfect Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick Set”

This gift set includes four best-selling deluxe-sized shades with a satin finish.  Bite Beauty products are formulated without petro-chemicals, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, so you can feel extra good about splurging on such gorgeous lip treats. 

Dyson “Blown-A-Ouai” Set

Dyson teamed up with Ouai Hair Care to create this gift set that includes the Dyson Supersonic Dryer, with smoothing nozzle, diffuser, styling concentrator, and travel bag, and Ouai shampoo, conditioner, mousse, and hair oil.  This kit has all you need to achieve shiny, voluminous hair, in no time flat. 

Becca “Apr├Ęs Ski Glow Face Palette”

This palette contains 3 highlighters, a luminous blush, mineral blush, and sunlit bronzer, all in universal shades that can be worn separately or layered together to create any beauty look a multitude of beauty looks that work with your own skin tone.

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet Set

This limited edition set features four best-selling shades with a matte cream color finish, something for every mood and look. Brit-girl cool in a tube.  Four, to be exact.  

                                                      All gift sets available at Sephora.com

                                                             XOXO  Shelley

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Timely Acceptance of Ageless Beauty and Style

Notice the emergence of the many bright, shining silver stars staring back at you from the pages of the magazines lately?  The beauty and fashion industries have finally taken off the blinders and realized the glorious appeal of the mature woman.  Maybe it is the aging population, or the purchasing power of the largest demographic in the US, the demand of the ageless woman to see herself represented in the media and in advertising which is addressed to her as much as anyone else, or the realization that a woman doesn’t simply turn off her appeal, handing it down to her younger counterparts when she reaches “a certain age”.  Beauty and style do not have an expiration date.

Maybe it is riding the wave of the new inclusivity and individuality in the fashion and beauty industries.  Or maybe people just began to acknowledge the intense beauty, sophistication, vibrance, and allure of women of all ages.  Quite a counterpoint to the traditional standard of implying that beauty is solely the domain of youth. Allure Magazine declared that it will no longer use terms such as anti-aging, and is leveraging their editorial might to persuade advertisers to do the same, driving home their point with a recent stunning cover and feature of the glorious Helen Mirren. 

Maye Musk, mother to Tesla founder Elon Musk, looks gorgeous wearing makeup trends normally reserved for younger women, proving that glamour is for anyone who has the confidence to pull it off, destroying the notion of being “age approporiate”.  L’Oreal Paris featured Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren in their triumphant show on the Champs Elysees in Paris this past season to resounding applause, and are the faces for skincare lines Age Re-Perfect and Age Perfect. 

Legendary supermodel Lauren Hutton has appeared in J Crew campaigns for the past decade, rocking her “tom girl” look page after page – and we are buying whatever she is selling.  Fashion designer Rachel Comey is just one of many designers embracing women of all ages to respresent her brand, featuring Joceline Beaudoin in her latest campaign.

Fashion icon Iris Apfel at age 96 is as busy as ever, collaborating, modeling, and sharing her unique and fresh perspective on fashion, beauty, and life in documentaries and interviews world-wide.  Her short silver white hair and oversized black round glasses are instantly recognizable, not to mention her exuberant love of color, texture, and personal flair.  If Iris doesn’t prove that beauty and style are indeed ageless, who could?

My own experience as a model over fifty was not something I foresaw in my early career as even a possibility.  I neither look nor feel my age and I am not about to be pigeonholed into traditional fashion or beauty standards of the past.  And I am not the only one.  I am represented in Paris by Silver Model Management @agencesilver where models over forty are championed and careers continue and thrive without an expiration date.  I feel a part of a wonderful movement that has been a long time coming.  The day when we open a magazine or see a campaign where the model – or celebrity – was chosen because she represented what the public actually wants to see is not far away. 

                                                            XOXO Shelley

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